Stay Curious

The Importance of Staying Curious

What are you curious about? Not what are you interested in, but really curious about? I ask this because it’s surprising to me how many people can’t answer that question.

As children, curiosity, wonderment and imagination are what we use to learn about the world around us. Kids are curious about everything and ask lots of questions. Yet, as we get older we tend to ask fewer questions and become less creative.

All of our creativity and imagination comes from curiosity, which then leads to discovery. Being a curious person helps you become more open-minded about learning new things, ideas, interests and adventures. Being curious helps you approach challenges, constraints and limitations in a more positive and curious way, rather than fearing them.

Here are four important reasons why you want to always stay curious.

  1. Curiosity makes your mind stronger:Being curious makes your mind more active. Our brain is a muscle. The more questions you ask the more your mind stays active and becomes stronger.
  2. Curiosity makes you more observant:When we are more curious we expect new ideas related to it. When an idea comes it is much easier for us to recognize it. Without curiosity many ideas simply pass right by.
  3. Curiosity makes you more open-minded:When you’re curious you begin to see things differently. You begin to see things that you normally wouldn’t see. Curiosity helps you look beneath the surface and all kinds of new possibilities.
  4. Curiosity makes your life more exciting:If you’re curious your life is probably far from being boring or routine. Curious people’s lives are usually more exciting because there are always new things to discover, learn about, and ‘toys’ to play with. Instead of being bored curious people have a life filled with adventure.

So, the next time you hear someone say “I’m just not that creative.” Let them know they are, they simply lack curiosity. 

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