How To Enhance Your Curiosity

Just as no two people are alike, the same can be said about our curiosity. We all have different levels of curiosity that range from very curious, to just interested, to not curious at all.  Last week I wrote about why curiosity is important. Here are three tips on how you can help develop your curiosity.

  1. Don’t take things for granted:  There’s a big difference between thinking we know and actually knowing. If you just accept things around you “as is” without trying to dig a little deeper, you will certainly lose your curiosity. Don’t take things for granted. Try to dig a little deeper into your world around you.
  2. Don’t label things as boring:  Some things may be boring to you. It simply means you have no interest in it right now. People that label things as boring close doors to possibilities. Even if you don’t have time or a want to explore something, being curious at least leaves the door open to visit it at another time.
  3. Don’t look at learning as work:  If you see learning as a waste of time or a burden, there’s is no way you’ll ever want to dig deeper into anything new. If you think of learning as something fun, exciting, and new you will naturally be more curious and want to dig deeper.

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