"No matter how much we think we can do, we can always do a little bit more."

- Jeff Scanlan

Jeff Scanlan is a speaker, author, and president of Scanlan Presentations, Inc. a company dedicated to empowering businesses, associations, and entrepreneurs to do more than they think they can.

Jeff believes people can always do a little bit more than they think they can. He’s discovered that people quit too soon. They do less than they know they can, they almost always do less than they should do and certainly do less than they want to do. He helps people realized this and shows how it applies in every aspect of both their personal and professional lives.

When people realize that they can do a little more, that they quit before they ought to, they quit before they have to, and then they learn to talk themselves into settling for less than they need to. When Jeff points this out and shows people how they can always do a little more, do the things they thought were impossible regardless of the challenges they face, then they will start to achieve more.

For over ten years, Jeff has been sharing his five principles to what it takes to move beyond where you are and to where you want to be.

Jeff has a 30-year background in magic and has been an Impossible Bottle artist for over 20 years. Doing the seemingly impossible is the norm for him. He’ll ignite new ways to transform what seems impossible into actual accomplishment. Jeff’s keynote presentation “Think Inside The Bottle: People Can Do More Than They Think” will show you how.

Clients such as Marc Community Resources, Inc., Concrete Foundation Association, The Chicago Sky, Fitz Chem Co., Real Estate Education Association, Dressander & Associates, Inc., American Family Insurance, Athletic Equipment Management Association, and American Weathermakers, Inc. are just some of the organizations that have booked Jeff to inspire their teams to do a little more than they think they can.

Jeff resides in Mesa, AZ, and when he isn’t working he enjoys his time with his wife and daughter.


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