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“That’s Impossible!” “We can’t do that!”
“There’s no way!”

We’ve all heard it. We’ve all said it. So what’s the answer to limited thinking that limits our opportunities for success?

You don’t want to think outside the box. You want to think inside the bottle.

The key to creative problem solving and innovation isn’t to imagine no limits or no constraints. The truth is that limits and constraints are the very catalysts for creativity and innovative thinking.

This is the real world success message of Jeff Scanlan in his “Think Inside the Bottle” presentation.


Key To Success

One big key to success is being able to work with constraints, and use what you’ve got to accomplish more. Everyday, we’re all faced with a huge number of constraints. Yet, we still have to deliver and get the job done. How do we do that?

Like most things, in both business and in life, there is a step-by-step process one should follow in order to achieve greater success. It doesn’t just happen. When this process is repeated over and over and becomes a habit, then that’s when you’re able to use constraints to your advantage, achieve more and become more successful.

As a professional magician and master “Impossible Bottle” artist, dealing with constraints and doing the seemingly impossible are the norm. Yet, it wasn’t always this way. Jeff has learned that if you follow a process – commitment, clarity, breaking things down, thinking differently and more creatively – you can look at constraints and problem solving in a whole new way.

Think Inside The Bottle

In Jeff’s interactive presentation “Think Inside the Bottle” you will learn:

  • How to overcome the self-imposed barrier of excuses.
  • How to get past limited thinking to create solutions and opportunities.
  • How everyone can tap into their own creativity (even those who think that they’re not creative!).
  • How to achieve more than you thought possible
  • How to create ongoing success as a way of working and life.

Jeff’s presentation is educational, entertaining, thought-provoking, and fun. Best of all, you’ll be able to start implementing these steps right away in your business and in your life. We all deal with constraints. It comes down to making a choice. Are you going to accept constraints as limiters or are you going to use them as expanders?

Jeff loves working with companies and organizations who want to look at constraints in new and different ways.


Jeff is empowering people to use constraints to their advantage and to think differently, more creatively.


Press Kit

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Event Types

Jeff’s “Think Inside the Bottle” presentation is perfect for all manner of events.