Stop saying it . . .

Stop Saying “Nothing is impossible.”

I’m so tired of hearing people say “nothing’s impossible.” Really? Then why do we have the word in every dictionary? According to the Webster’s Dictionary the word impossible means: incapable of being or of occurring.

There are some things that are impossible. For example, do you think one could stand on a cliff, jump off, start flapping your arms and fly? What about closing your eyes and being teleported to another place? In both cases I think you’d agree it couldn’t be done.

The real question is, is it impossible or does is just seem impossible? I believe that doing the “impossible” is more about believing in yourself. It’s about having daily constraints and challenges, and yet still accomplishing the task at hand. It’s about a mindset that proves we can do more than we ever imagined. It’s about commitment and following through, and succeeding where others have failed or given up. It’s about achieving more and being successful in both business and in life.

Think about your own life. What things do you want to achieve, but haven’t because they seem impossible? What things do you know you should get done, but, because of constraints, you keep putting off? Are they really impossible? Or, do they just seem impossible to you? Maybe you think doing the seemingly impossible is possible for someone else but not for you. Not true. Anyone can do the seemingly impossible. You just have to want it, be willing to commit and work for it. Yes, it really is that simple!

There are some things that are impossible. There are also things that seem impossible. Change your mindset, do the work and the seemingly impossible becomes an accomplishment.