Corporate Events

Make Your Next Corporate Event Something to Talk About!

Intimate Close-Up/Strolling Magic:

Whether stationary or walking around amongst your guests, you'll be delighted when you see smiles, hear laughter and gasps of amazement as they experience unbelievable feats of magic performed right under their noses.

Everyone is involved and entertained in their own intimate show that consists of incredible and memorable sleight-of-hand magic. Your guests will have so much fun that they'll talk about your event for months to come.

This fun, amazing, and intimate form of close-up entertainment is perfect for cocktail, dinner, and holiday parties as well as hospitality suites and receptions. It will leave the positive and long-lasting impression you desire.

I received many great comments about your performance. More importantly, I appreciated the professional way in which you conducted yourself—you made us all look great as well."

Michael S. Dressander, President
Dressander & Associates, Inc.

Have Them Laughing and Shaking Their Heads in Disbelief

Stand-Up After Dinner Show

Here's the perfect way to end your special event with impact. My 30 minute full-blown show includes incredible magic, lots of laughs, and plenty of audience participation.

  • See how five miniature baseballs (four white and one black) can help reveal which of five spectators is lying.
  • Are horse shoes really lucky? A game of poker will determine if it's true.
  • See how a pile of athletic socks may hold the secret to whether two laundry machines at a famous ball park are haunted.
  • Experience a funny story about how former Chicago Bulls basketball player Scottie Pippen learned why not to play a famous New York City card game.
  • plus more...

Like all of my magic, it is clean, funny, professional, and always entertaining!

The Best of Both Worlds...

Close-Up & Stand-Up Show Package:

This combination package includes one hour of my close-up magic and the complete 30-minute after dinner show. It's an ideal partnership that will make your important meeting or event truly extra special.

I look forward to working with you again next year!"

Ms. Holly Kulikowski, Program Manager
Central Dupage Health Foundation

How can I help you? I offer three unique magic show packages, all of which have a 100% money-back guarantee.

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Central Dupage Health Foundation Golf Outing
Central Dupage Health Foundation Golf Outing
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Super Bowl Party for Roche Pharmaceuticals, San Antonio TX
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A performance at Magic Chicago
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